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War Paint - Tattoo Culture & The Armed Forces

176 pages, 29×22,5 cm, hardcover


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Size: 11″ x 8 1/2″ | 159 images | 176 pp Binding: hard cover 

For many service men and women, the battle is over, but the ink lives on. Thousands have chosen to commemorate their military service through tattoos, a custom as old as war paint itself. Yet military tattoos go far beyond the usual anchor and eagle clichés, and are often as complex and varied as the military experience. For the first time, documentary photographer Kyle Cassidy has sought out veterans who marked their military service with a tattoo and they are shown here in all their glory: fresh, faded, sometimes intertwined with wounds, physical and otherwise. And the stories behind these tattoos, both conventional and surprising, are just as engaging. In a transient world, with shifting enemies, mores, leaders, and friends, this is a testament to the values of a permanent commemoration. The unique journey into each service man and woman’s story will captivate you. Not only is this book a great resource for history and military buffs, but it is also a great reference for tattoo artists.

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