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Usugrow - Works 2007-2013

180 pages, 17,5×23 cm, hardcover


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180 pages, Hardcover 17,5x23 cm Usugrow began his art career creating fliers in the underground punk and hardcore music scenes in the early 90s. Since then, he’s been involved in various album cover designs for bands and musicians across multiple genres, art directing, and merchandising, as wells as collaborating with many large skateboarding and fashion brands. Since 2005, Usugrow has continued to expand his range of activities, including the publication of his first monograph and several solo exhibitions in Japan and abroad. In addition to his own exhibitions, he has also curated group exhibitions and book projects with Japanese artists since 2009. His current works are mainly in illustration, painting, and calligraphy, but he also works in live painting, three-dimensional artworks, and collaborations with other artists. The artist’s first monograph, Usugrow – Works 2007 – 2013 collects his distinct work, which blends Japanese calligraphy, pointillism, and Los Angeles Cholo culture for an effect that is truly unique.

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