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Black & Grey Tattoo 2

400 pages, 24,5×31,5 cm, hardcover


BLACK & GREY TATTOO 2: Paul Booth, Xu Zhicheng,Tim Kern, Dan Marshall, Liorcifer, Wayan Suryana, Andy Engel, Kore Flatmo, Tony Mancia, Little Dragon, Jack Ribeiro, Bernie Luther, Benjamin Moss, Ethan Morgan, Jeremiah Barba, Dan Henk, Carlos Torres, Caesar, Victor Portugal, Mofo, Zsolt Sarkozi, Robert Hernandez, Lenu, Jason Butcher, Nicko.

From Street Art to Fine Art

The Dark/Horror volume delves into personal demons relayed on skin. Paul Booth, often described as the “Dark Lord of Tattooing,” reveals some of the reasons why people get these tattoos as well as how his own demons have driven his art. Other tattoos pay homage to horror in pop culture. Artist Xu Zhicheng of Tianzhilong Tattoo in Beijing says in his interview that he finds inspiration for his large-scale dark work in vampire films, not personal angst. In this chapter, you’ll find everything from shrunken heads to Frankensteins to even famous tattoo artists rendered as zombies.

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