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Black & Grey Tattoo 1, 2 & 3 Box

1008 pages total, 24,5×31,5 cm, hardcover box


BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1: Jack Rudy, Jesus "Chuey" Quintanar, Freddy Negrete, Isaiah Negrete, Mark Mahoney, Timothy Hendricks, Antonio Mejia, Guero Gallegos, El Choky, Chris Brand, Ben Grillo, Pablo Ash, Maneko, Allan Padilla, Krazy K, Eddy Reyes, Scrappy, Tatu Will, Enrique Castillo, El Stomper, Goethe, Clarens Monroy, Chente, Espi, Mister Cartoon, Abey Alvarez, Diego Garcia, Lil Roy, Pint, Laura Satana, Indio Reyes, Jose Lopez. BLACK & GREY TATTOO 2: Paul Booth, Xu Zhicheng,Tim Kern, Dan Marshall, Liorcifer, Wayan Suryana, Andy Engel, Kore Flatmo, Tony Mancia, Little Dragon, Jack Ribeiro, Bernie Luther, Benjamin Moss, Ethan Morgan, Jeremiah Barba, Dan Henk, Carlos Torres, Caesar, Victor Portugal, Mofo, Zsolt Sarkozi, Robert Hernandez, Lenu, Jason Butcher, Nicko. BLACK & GREY TATTOO 3: Bob Tyrrell, Andy Engel, Mayin, Bernie Luther, Robert Pho, Wayan Suryana, Brian Everett, Tony Mancia, Kore Flatmo, Enrico Ferracuti, Zsolt Sarkozi, Stefano Alcantara, Jason Butcher, Kari Barba, Mofo, Tim Kern, Leslie Reesen, Dougie Mittz, Paco Arias, Abey Alvarez, Pablo X-No, Jack Ribeiro

From Street Art to Fine Art

BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1-3 is a mammoth work. Comprising over a thousand pages and weighing 10kg (22 lbs), it is one of the largest – if not the largest – tattoo book ever published! Its three large-format volumes are contained inside a lavish and sturdy hardcover box. "BLACK & GREY TATTOO explores a monochrome art form through a kaleidoscope of the most widely diverse interpretations and craftsmanly techniques, performed by tattoo artists from all parts of the world."

This tattoo tome explores the origins of black & grey tattooing — from the prisons and streets of LA to its contemporary resonance on Hollywood’s red carpets, at heavy metal music fests, and in private ateliers from Budapest to Beijing. While rendered in just shades of grade, the spectrum of design is vast: Aztec warriors, fierce harpies, family portraits, religious icons and permanent shrines to celebrities adorn these pages. The common thread among them all is their inventive exposition and mastery of execution.

Black & Grey Tattoo is divided into three parts: Traditional Black & Grey, Dark/Horror, and Photorealism. Indeed, there’s cross-pollination among the different styles, but the breakdown isn’t just for easier lifting of this monster collection. It is to show how tattoos with similar stylistic elements are interpreted differently by stellar artists around the world. The book also presents the fine art — including paintings and charcoals — of many of those featured, although the tattoos themselves should be considered fine art.

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